Sunday, March 29, 2015

Photography 101

Every Monday for the last four weeks I have been taking a photography class. We have touched on the basics of exposure, aperture, composition, histograms and much more. Some of it was repetitive as an art major, however I also learned quite a bit. Photography is definitely a passion of mine and I would like to continue to explore and learn the fundamentals.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Being a designer and a runner...

It has already been a month since I ran my first marathon, but I'm just now coming up with the best way to plug it into my design blog. I have had a bit more time on my hands in the last few weeks, post marathon and I have done a lot of reflecting and planning for the road ahead. One thing I have always pondered, in my day to day, and on many of my long runs is the fact that my two passions of running and designing clash with each other. How can I wake up for a morning run, but stay up until all hours taking full advantage of my creative juices? Through many of my runs I attempted to find the solution, a solution that would keep both, but not sacrifice quality and continue to satisfy me. An easy solution, but not to my liking, is not to train for marathons to do races of a much smaller scale, ones that would not require as many hours. But now weeks after the marathon is complete and I have not yet set my next running goal, I have twice as much time to focus in on my freelance and yet I find myself struggling to find the focus I need and so I loop back and think to myself, maybe running and designing actually work together better than I thought?

Running has a number of benefits both physical and mental. To me the physical is the extra bonus, but the mental game is the one that challenges you and makes you stronger. The beauty of the marathon is that it truly pushes you past a point that you didn't know you could reach. It wears you down and then it rewards you in ways you never thought were possible. For me I have discovered that running keeps me focused, it makes me passionate and ultimately it sparks my creativity! Yes the schedules don't work out too well, but you figure it out and make it work.

Not to mention this post, one that has been waiting a month to be published, has finally been written... post run and post designing tonight.

The image below is a representation of all the accomplishments met while training and designing before the marathon. The biggest one of them all is establishing Moss Design Co. in January with my partner in crime Ben Moss. And as for my next marathon, I entered the lottery for Chicago!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The 19th annual Beer Lover's Brewfest took place a few weekends ago. I couldn't make it up to Wisconsin for the trip, but I hear it was a great success. I think it is also safe to say the logo worked out nicely!

Web Banner

Here is a fun web banner I worked on. 

Note** This banner has been created while employed and under art direction at BancVue. I only take credit for the design of the banner, not the design or programming of the site itself. 

Finally learning how to truly use this thing...

Last week I began taking photography lessons. A quote from the instructor on day one was "Every day is a gift & a new opportunity to learn something new!"

Web Design

EVB went through some rebranding and needed to refresh their site. My role was to implement their new brand and freshen up their web presence.


 View their live site

Note** This was created while employed and under art direction at BancVue. I take no credit for the programming of the site.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Taking shapes on tangents...

I'm working on a logo that does not relate to this at all, but I couldn't help myself to explore the possibilities of these shapes. They are still complicated, but I think there is some potential. Sticking them in my back pocket until a later date.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

VOTE for me!

I have entered a logo in the NBPA logo challenge. Help decide the winners vote for me today!